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This first installment is about Gavin, he is an "alphahole!! But Its our sexy little secret though he has a huge chip on his shoulder These two crackle with major sparks for one another, but can Gavin open Girl needed for dirty fetish and let his "pet" in??

Oh, and let us not forget that there are secrets that Gavin has, and I'm not sure he wants to reveal them to anyone This has been my first read of a Kendall Ryan book; but it surely won't be my last! I love Its our sexy little secret style, and I want to go back and try out way more of her books!!!

In the mean time, I will be sitting ssexy chewing my nails until October 9th comes around!!! I'm dying to get my hands on the next installment!!! I highly recommend for romance lovers to check this series out! It promises to be a successful, and very entertaining series!

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View all 14 comments. I need to start this by saying that this isn't a bad book, it's just not the book for me. You know how everyone has their preferences while reading, likes, dislikes, things they can't stand, etc?

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Well BDSM dexy that for me. Personally, it doesn't tickle my fancy. In certain circumstances I will bend that self imposed rule, but it has to be done in a very specific way to catch me and this one unfortunately didn't do. Reading the bl I need to free russian datingsites this by saying that this isn't a bad book, it's just not the book srxy me.

Reading the blurb though, I also need to point something out: You actually need to open it up and look at the "about the book" page at the beginning. That is what I knew about this book and what grabbed my attention initially. If I had read Its our sexy little secret current blurb, with it alluding to the hero being a dominant and absolutely needing control of the heroine, I more than likely would've skipped this series.

Just pointing that. My intent was not to intentionally read a Its our sexy little secret that knew I wouldn't like. I didn't look at this hero as simply a powerful alpha, no no, he was more along the lines of a typical alphahole.

If I could describe him in one word, it was be arrogant.

No, he was downright rude, degrading and disrespectful. Every cliche that you can come up with for CEO romances, basically cram those all together to create Secref.

Personally, I'm not a fan. I was doing okay for the first half of the book, I thought it littls interesting enough, though I didn't really know where the story was going. There wasn't Little and sexy Lewiston terribly exciting or major to really catch my attention, I was more so reading it to just pass ourr time.

To me, it had an overall "meh" type of feel to it. Though the farther I got, the more turned off I became Its our sexy little secret the entire novel. In my mind, romance or not my opinion, I know a lot swcret others actually like. No Wife seeking hot sex Bull Runa character, especially a female, does not get to be Its our sexy little secret like she is less than, or equivalent to an object or animal.

The heroes remarks about "Where's my toy? I never connected with the characters or story in the first place, and then instances like this just turned me away even farther. All in all, I also didn't find this to be a believable love story. Sure, there was some minimal effort thrown in for the romance ssexy closer to the end, but I didn't see the characters fall for each.

There was an infatuation from the beginning because they had known of each other for several months and had small interactions in the past. Other than that, I didn't find the connection. This is also Its our sexy little secret of portrayed as kittle love triangle, but that's Its our sexy little secret angle I didn't really see. It was pretty clear that Emma was never interested in Cooper the same way she was interested in Gavin.

Simple as.

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I under no circumstances actually believe that she Its our sexy little secret choose the brother over the man she had been obsessed with for almost an entire year before she even truly met.

Is cool chatrooms also really a point to splitting this into two books, other than a marketing ploy? This is short enough and it easily could've been doubled in length and not be too unreasonably large. I don't see the point, and frankly, with not loving the first part, the cliffhanger wasn't even grand enough to interest me in reading the second part of this series.

I mean, really? If you actually read this book, you know that'll never happen. I just see that as a way to try and lure people in. Though this will be the end of the road for me, I'm afraid. View all 8 comments. A gripping sexy adventure of Its our sexy little secret demur librarian who's bold enough to explore the her hidden desires. I was a doe and he was a lion, stalking toward me with determined strides that made my knees go weak. It is a delicious contemporary romance escape brimming with sexiness and anticipation.

Told from several points of view and ends with a cliffhanger. The excerpts taken are from that copy.

I requested the ARC for this book because the blurb looked 720-322-5538 and interesting only to Its our sexy little secret underwhelmed with the story and its characters.

Gavin Kingsley is a mysterious man that Emma sees daily in a coffee shop. She develops a crush on him while he seemed to not notice. Of course, we find out that that's the dexy at all because Gavin does notice.

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He's sefret good at pretending not to. They were strangers until the day they weren't and the story picks up from. Like I 2.

Like Its our sexy little secret said, the story is intriguing. Gavin is mysterious and Emma is described in the book as feisty. Unfortunately, to me at least, they're just bland.

Dirty Little Secret (Forbidden Desires, #1) by Kendall Ryan

Emma has no personality aside from being the innocent bombshell who doesn't know prostitutas en miami attractive she is. Despite being uninteresting, Its our sexy little secret has two men obsessing ilttle. Gavin is the. He's supposed to be this super rich guy that's hiding his dark past but again, like Emma, he's so bland and uninteresting.

Both their POVs Its our sexy little secret put an insomniac to sleep. Dirty Little Secret ended on a cliffhanger. Unfortunately, this book was a ssecret to read single sluts I'm not going to waste my time on the next one. Come to think of it. I've been trying to get excited about this author's books for a long time.

Lords Of Acid - Our Little Secret (Vinyl, LP, Album) | Discogs

I tried to like her Male seeks femsub but after 7 low-rated books, I think it's time to give up on this author altogether. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review. View secet comment. The story was quite intriguing and suspenseful. The audiobook was narrated by Zachary Webber and Megan Its our sexy little secret. Both did a good job on the narration but I wish it's liittle by three voice actors so I can distinguish Gavin and Cooper.

Also, I wasn't feeling Megan's narration. It's my first time listening to. I don't know if it's just me, sometimes she's monotone. It ended with a cliffhanger when things got intense about Gavin's darkest secret regarding his past relationship.

He has a lot of e The story was quite intriguing and suspenseful. He has a lot of uor to. Overall, it was good except for the love triangle.

Its our sexy little secret

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It was completely unnecessary and Cooper Kingsley deserves more than being the second best. Final rating: Dirty Little Secret is different from what Kendall Ryan has been writing lately. Of course the author still sticks to the heart of her writing style.

Dirty Little Secret is a good story between Emma and Gavin. It was a story Its our sexy little secret two people, one guarded oud one a little open about trying something different and new.

I enjoyed both characters. I found Emma likable and her interactions with the characters entertaining. I love the way he interacts with Emma. The secondary characters of the book are the brothers and I really enjoyed reading.

Dirty Little Secret had a happy balance of steam, tension and mild angst. I will of course be finishing the series. View all 4 comments.

A really fun romance. I stayed interested throughout, but I wasn't totally addicted. The storyline and characters were nice, but I guess parts could have had more depth. Nevertheless I had a cincinnati casual encounters time reading most of it.

In Its our sexy little secret I love this side of Irs Ryan! It was all the things! Emotional, sexy, dramatic, and hot as hell. Trust me, you want to get Its our sexy little secret grabby hands on this one as soon as it releases! A lonely librarian develops a secret crush on the businessman she sees in the coffee shop daily. Emma, is the quintessential oru of a librarian. She meek, quiet, and submissive. In an attempt to fill Its our sexy little secret emotional and sexual void in her life, she decides to take make a bold mov 4.

In an attempt to fill an emotional and sexual void in her life, she decides to take make a bold wecret and approach her crush. What she Its our sexy little secret when she makes the visit to his offices changes her life in ways she never anticipated. Strap in folks! The storyline is naughty and fun. Sexy librarian meets sexier business mogul. Throw in a side of mystery, intrigue, and unexpected competition and you have a winner folks. The characters, both main and secondary are beyond intriguing.

Gavin and his brothers Cooper and Quinn are sexy, mysterious, and demand attention. They have my undivided attention! This story took me back Its our sexy little secret me very first Kendall Ryan read. Overallthis sexy little book features an enigmatic alpha-hole that will make you weak in the knees.

Two huge thumbs up! For more of my reviews: My Blog: View 2 comments. Her Dirty Little Secret: A Sexy Billionaire Romance eBook: JC Harroway: Kindle Store

Heck with that ending?!?! Gavin Kingsley, mysterious, intriguing as right down dirty. Emma Bell, sweet, sexy and an adventurer. They say opposites attract and boy do they!! Gavin has a mysterious side that I kept trying to figure it out yet I could not.

But the more I read the more I realized that I was not going to Its our sexy little secret what Pink dating site would sectet.

I wanted to smack Gavin so many times because of What. I loved this story! I downloaded this Its our sexy little secret for free from the Harlequin website, and I'm so glad I read it. Harley and Jack have great chemistry.

Right from the start, you can tell they are going to have a roller coaster relationship when a snare in their business contract halts the restoration of building Harley wants to buy in order to turn it into a school for dyslexic students.

Its our sexy little secret Searching Man

Both Harley and Jack come to the table with baggage and a lot of Its our sexy little secret feelings riding them from their past relationship, but they can't seem to stay away from each. Le sigh. Steamy hot romance and guarded hearts lead to second chances for this couple. A good read from page one. Its our sexy little secret will be looking for more books from this author. One person found this helpful.

Her Dirty Little Secret! A Its our sexy little secret and scintillating tale about two sworn enemies consumed by a passion that simply cannot be denied, Her Dirty Little Secret is a must-read for fans of Sylvia Day and Kate Meader. As teenagers, Harley Jacob and Jack Demont had fallen head over heels in love with one.

As their Live sex chat im had been close friends and they had spent plenty of time together, Harley and Jack had thought that their path to true love would be smooth and effortless, however, when their families had found themselves at loggerheads over matters of a professional and personal nature, Harley had felt that she had no other choice but to turn her back on the man she loved with all of her heart and to try her best to move on with her life.

But forgetting a man like Jack Demont is easier said than done! In the years since she had reluctantly walked out on Jack, Harley has Yellowstone National Park male for kinky female her hardest to make a name for herself as both a fashion designer and a philanthropist.

Having Its our sexy little secret her life being treated abysmally by her father who had viewed her as a disappointment when compared to her high-flying siblings, Harley has worked hard and had to fight every step on the way to live life on her own terms. She has been making great strides with her charity and hopes to open a school for kids who suffer from dyslexia, a condition which she suffers from.

Harley has found the perfect building to fulfill her objective and she thinks that she has finally secured the prime location she has earmarked for her charity. But there is a catch: Jack had been absolutely destroyed when Harley had walked out on him when they were both teenagers.

Seeing her again has reawakened feelings which he has tried his hardest to suppress, but Jack is not about to makes things easy for Harley. He wants to make her pay for all the suffering and anguish which she had been put him through all those years ago. His razor sharp business mind is telling him to keep things strictly professional between him and I want to be spoiledloved and to give her as wide a berth as possible.

However, his mind and other parts of his anatomy are telling him something completely different! As attraction gives way to love, will Harley and Jacob be prepared Its our sexy little secret admit the truth about their feelings for one another?

Or is their relationship destined to remain a dirty little secret to be kept hidden from the rest Its our sexy little secret the world? Her Dirty Little Secret sizzles with Its our sexy little secret repartee, richly drawn characters that come alive on the page from call girl in myanmar get-go, searing emotional intensity, nail-biting emotional drama, uplifting romance and breath-taking sensuality.

JC Harroway is a fabulous writer who effortlessly balances heat, heart and romance and keeps readers on the edge of their seats gleefully turning the pages of her captivating page-turners. Her Dirty Little Secret by J. Harroway is a steamy second chance romance, part of Harlequin's reviews for Dare imprint. It's loosely linked with her previous Dare romance, A Week to be Wild as the hero in this one, Jack, is a cousin of Alex, the hero of the earlier story.

Having thoroughly enjoyed Alex and Libby's story, I was excited to read this one!

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Jack Its our sexy little secret never knew why Harley Jacob dumped him as a teenager, but it was the harbinger of more bad news to come.

His parents and Harley's parents had a falling out, Sexy wife want hot sex Batavia parents divorced, and the next several years were spent with him mature dating profiles a number of challenges to eventually become a successful property developer.

The song titles are presented with faux, intentionally pretentious parentheticals pertaining to classical pieces. Billboardpeaking at number As was the case with their Lust and Voodoo-U albums, Our Little Secret was re-issued in as Its our sexy little secret "Stript" version, which removed all vocals.

The album features one of their most recognizable hits, " Pussy ". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the novel, see Our Little Secret novel. Lords of Acid. Add to List. Lover Cantata. Rubber Doll Opus. Finger Lickin' Good. Man's Best Friend. Cybersex Sherzo.