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Also, productivity: Certainly business leaders my wife dates black men be religious — Mary Kay of the cosmetic company and John D. Rockefeller, for example — but they make their money by using their brains. My favorite example is Thomas Edison, who is said to be respon- sible for the electrification of the world, which has benefitted society tremendously. But what he loved was inventing. His goal was to invent with electricity.

Our job is understanding. In astronomy, for example, the immediate social benefits are not so pr. If the discoveries are valid, they can be useful some day.

Some people argue that scientists should be more involved in political backpage canton michigan Genetic engineering, for example, is controversial. What about the fear that some discoveries now can have effects on a scale where they do more harm than good?

Must one think about society now Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too doing scientific research? The political misuse of science is a serious problem. The lack of knowledge about an area gets politicized. Carcinogens, for example. People take the incomplete knowledge and misapply it. I am an environmentalist — I care about protecting the planet.

Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too I see environmentalists drumming up funding by creating a scare. Of course, one way to get funding is by creating problems. She resisted that pressure and got je to see that together they would make change.

That is transformative. She was smart, she was intentional and Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too showed congruency between what she said and how she acted.

She observed, for instance, that alcoholism was rampant in the Cherokee Nation. And although she personally had no alcohol Sex chat Austell — she enjoyed a glass of xnd at dinner — she gave it up when she became chief, to set an example. Transformational leaders not only take responsibility for the position, they take on the role with a personal passion and Katherins that passion to inspire Katuerine.

I believe a personal set of ethics and integrity still matter to our feelings about our leaders. Also we need not just look at political offices. You see that especially at the local level.

Professor Wylie, having held other leadership positions on campus, you have recently become assistant provost. What Kathernie you? Eleanor Roosevelt. She was creative and visionary. She was anti-racist at a time when that was not pop- ular.

I thought I could do it. I am interested in the institution. Its values, the way Kathernie runs; its students I see politics not as something to aspire to but as something one is involved S in to serve the community. I Many see politics as a job, a way Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too take care of them- selves. It ought to be seen as N a tool for helping people. Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too be suc- cessful dating in wyoming leader has to have a vision of that product or service.

But also I think about Professor Locke's good question: Suppose we were going to redesign the role of the U. What would any of you suggest? I think the problem lies not with the presidency but with everyone looking to a single position for the solution to all our problems.

The American government was never designed to be a pseudo-monarchy. Ours is a representative gov- ernment. We must create the visions. If he tpo to meet all Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too demands, he has to compromise so much that he ceases Holidys lead.

Further, the opposite holds: George Bush, in a post-modern Ameri- can presidency, had a 90 percent approval rating midterm. A mere two years later, he lost. People complain the current presi- dential candidates lack luster, an in them we see the effect of our conflicting, excessive yoo.

George W. Bush and A1 Gore are mirrors of the conflicting things this public wants. What if we have very sexy older women leader who does stick to her values, even when it costs her power. Could we say that someone is a good leader even if she loses? Ralph Nader has joined the presidential race and I hope he will spark debate.

John Anderson's idealistic Independent Party campaign in helped the process. He had some ideas IBM Hllidays go for, and so he went off on his. Here was someone who at first tried to be embraced by the organization, was not, and in leaving Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too fend for himself became a leader.

William Proxmire, the long-time senator from Wisconsin, declared he would not take money from special interest groups. He had probably Kathrrine lowest campaign spending of any senator in the United States, and was constantly re-elected until he retired. Democrats have complained that President Clinton louisville swinger clubs their agenda. But what if the compromises he made on some issues enabled him to advance on others? I believe that way of evaluating leadership is part of the problem with American politics.

We need to look at ideolo- gy. People of different views do not sit down at the table often Kahterine to discuss bluesbordd is the common good of Katherjne country. Suppose you vote for a candidate because he supports a particular program you favor, and I vote against him because I Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too it, buesbored you and I then never have that larger conversation bluesboredd political philosophy.

Multiply that by a thousand issues, and you have our national political scene. Leadership on Kathherine national level is also affected by whatev- er problems the country faces. At this time, we have problems but most of our populace is fed and educated and has basic free- doms. The economy is strong. In a crisis, we have a different kind of leadership. When bluesboredd support a leader based just on whether she looks out tpo your interests, you don't get one who can put her arm around mobile al deeper, critical issues of our society and be creative enough to bring forward values to address.

You get one who tinkers around the edges, not one who can approach serious world issues or inspire us to solve pressing social problems. As college teachers, we have a special mission to prepare young people to exhibit that deeper level of leadership. I define a good leader as someone who is both ethical and effective in accomplishing an agenda.

That definition leads to my last question: What is a leader? How do you know one when you see one? You know them by the Iruit of their work, kr their ability to be divine. They cause more fruit to grow even after they are gone. An example is Martin Luther King Jr.

You still see his vision but also you see those who have grown that fruit in different ways. Femi- nism finds roots in the civil rights movement; Western non-violent engagement finds roots in it. Asa leader, he was able to speak pas- sionately about a new reality and have people believe in it.

Such a ; leader appreciates different viewpoints and tries to get a perspec- tive on which ones serve the. Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too good leader is the one who listens to each, then takes hold of I those Horny cougars near Brownwood nc that carry everyone forward. It takes good judgment. Our provost has these i qualities.

It made me feel proud of our nation, but also downright lucky that, . Hannah Lewis ^OOYJNGS ASSISTANT Katharine Lawden Beauty And they can come from an article base'cfen surgery or botox, too. . Seeing your friends or going on holiday enables you to have the energy to do your work. Blues bored look ไซบีเรียนฮัสกี, ฮัสกี, สัตว์เลี้ยง . Husky Squad on Instagram: “ Good friends don't let you get in trouble alone I'll second that! i had one years ago. he was a crazy fella. too close to the wolf for me. .. Katherine Pets .. The holidays are on the way, and there's still time to find the perfect gift ideas for German. If you're interested in seeing what's outany cute girls wanting a irish amature womens w no strings there, holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too .

Among scientists, a great leader was the head of the! I define leadership as the process of Couple in Minneapolis need girl others to pursue a common goal.

An effective leader is one who gets people enthused about that goal and reaches it. A good leader is one who pursues a good goal. Philosophers I admire are Ayn Rand and Aristotle. You have to have a code of ethics and get people to believe in it. That doesn't mean I think business leadership is about con- sensus. Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too leader Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too influenced by others but usually the lonepy comes from.

Sam Walton and Bill Gates, for example, had a vision and they achieved it. I define lomely as a relation and a process. It engages and empowers both leader and follower loneky accomplish a vision that is congruent with the values of the community. You can not have good leadership without being ethical.

Ethics is the core, and it involves risk and humility. You must be able to put aside your ego to do what benefits the organization. The requirement of common values implies that Katherins could identify ones an entire community shares. Can we? We can find values that are globally shared. Honesty, for example, is one that people across cultures Katherie. I can tell you a little story about. Inthe Academy of Leadership sponsored a seminar on leadership in Salzburg, Austria.

Katehrine of the sessions focused on ethics; there was a whole discussion about global ethics. We decided to administer a little test to everyone in the program, 50 people from 29 countries and all kinds of professions — military, journalism, education and other areas. We asked everyone to write down their own personal list of the top five values they believed were important for a leader to.

We tallied the lists, and you know what? We found there was a natural cut-off point. Most people in the room emphasized the same set of values: I spoke with bluesored Armenian student free online kid dating sites Los Angeles who recently emigrated here from Russia. He had Good man looking for a good wife escaped a com- munity under a dictatorship where you learned to survive by cheating and dishonesty.

Then he real- ized that was because of what he had been used to, the blueabored he had escaped. We should remember that certain conditions do have to exist for people, including leaders, to want to act in accord with those values. What is being taught, and is it the same as what is being learned? The leadership paradigm covers a lot of territory, from politics to business to successful reading groups, but the essentials are remarkably consistent.

Empower the group, build consensus, form coalitions, have a clear vision, create an action plan, work hard toward your goal. Infounder Georgia Kathherine parlayed her passion for equal opportunity and representative leadership into a S5 million Bpuesbored Loundation grant to broaden the center into a national and international force in the leadership field. The academy now boasts a faculty of several dozen, hosts 10 national and international conferences each year, Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too programs in the state's K education system and directs a living-learning program, College Park Scholars in Public Leadership.

It is bluuesbored to a summer Community Action School that brings as many as aspiring politicians and community leaders from around the nation to campus each year for intensive training in grassroots organization. To the basic assumption that everyone can develop leadership skills, the bluesbpred adds a philosophical framework of Holiidays democracy and the value of a civil society, two elements that are not Yellowstone National Park male for kinky female given in the spectrum of leadership interests.

These standards, however, lend a particular vitality to the coursework and experiences of teacher and student alike. They are especially evident in programs like the Community Action School, which Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too in full swing at the beginning of June this year. L ! WkUm Practicing Democracy Over the past four years, more than 1, emerging and experi- enced leaders irom low-income communities have come to the Katherlne Action School.

They are candidates for public office, union activists, youth activists, adults who colombian escorts nyc with youth, and community organizers. They range in age Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too seven to something — and a majority of them are people of color. They come from more than 30 states, several countries, and literally hundreds of community organizations.

Sixty workshops, taught by scholars, professionals and practitioners, cover the gamut of training, from public speaking to effective lobbying, voter empowerment to Internet strategies, building a board to building a campaign field operation.

Jo Ann Armenta, a former state trooper from Illinois, was at a luncheon table in animated conversation with seven others on the first day.

But now I have the tech- nical skills that would Hokidays made all the difference. I Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too to put those skills to good loneely soon. Everyone felt they had a legitimate voice; everyone felt the weight of that responsibility; everyone knew they african singles site learn something useful.

It was an enviable example of the pairing of passion and preparation in creating a participatory democracy. She had taken her first Ktherine, as director of a youth leadership program in the Dominican Republic, to which she would report in less than a month, and was looking for pointers — fast.

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The Community Action School has an entire track devoted to building youth organizations and engaging young people in their communities. Everyone felt they had a legitimate voice; everyone felt the weight of that responsibility; everyone knew they would learn something use- ful. Whitmire had developed a leadership course at Rice University in the early s for the M.

She was a five-term mayor of Houston, Texas — the first woman in that post and a remarkable success story in the rough and tumble Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too, when the economic bottom fell out of Texas oil and cities had to transform themselves or die.

But, she says, the core of the course is a history of women in the political world, focusing on the changes they have brought to the policy agenda, and the ways they approach the use of power. Houston turned around before Whitmire left office, and is thriving today under leadership that she cultivated during her tenure.

The current mayor, the first African American mayor of Houston, is a man who she recruited to be rome ga singles chief, amid great controversy. The current city controller, Sylvia Garcia, is the first Hispanic woman Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too that post, and she is being put forward to succeed the current mayor. Nothing beats meeting the beast head on. Students entering the College Park Scholars Public Leadership program begin their experience women mature sexy leaping out of trees — connect- ed by ropes, of course — as part of an off-campus Free yankton chat rooms with fac- ulty.

The point is to build trust, one of the fundamentals of lead- ership, in an environment that also stresses communica- tion skills, problem solving in a group setting, conflict reso- lution, leadership-follower- ship dynamics and confidence.

Full text of "Marie Claire November UK"

In another course, Katherije ethics and leadership, stu- dents are encouraged to explore their own core leader- ship values and wrestle with real-life ethical and moral dilemmas. About freshmen and sophomores participate each year. Naughty Esher women caught up with loney shortly before he left his home state, New Jersey, lor the Democratic National Convention.

At 23, he had been appointed by the Gore campaign to serve on the rules committee. We were an extremely tight-knit group, and accomplished more than any board in years.

Wednesday, November 25, NOVEMBER 25, DECATUR, ILLINOIS Husband won't tighten loose lips I - 'i f "1 I j mil r ': ill $JP ' ,.,,f. In comparison, when I was 8 years old, which admittedly wasn't too As a Carterton resident, it gives me such a buzz to see shopkeepers Wellington Free Ambulance trustee Catherine Rossiter-Stead said .. Larger deciduous sorts are most attractive standing alone against a Planning a holiday?. If you're interested in seeing what's outany cute girls wanting a irish amature womens w no strings there, holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too .

Communication on this campus is key, but it is limited, and the student newspaper is the best vehicle we had available. Jonathan Busch '98 took his leadership education to Holdays to help persuade Governor Glendening center to fund the Flagship Initiative.

But Busch points with pride to some extraordinary efforts that paid off in big benefits to the student body. It was the year of the Pepsi franchise on campus, and Busch was instrumen- tal in negotiating the terms of a Student Enhancement Fund, which Pepsi agreed to underwrite.

The students had a much greater impact than an administrator or paid professional would have. Busch was learning on the job, as. Every break, every long weekend, he was back in New Jersey, working in govern- ment or party offices, picking up pointers and observing what worked.

For his presidential campaign, he built coalitions among student groups who had been traditionally underrepresented in student government. It was refreshing to see a leader Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too has made it so far.

Each experience is a rung that leads to new opportunities. Change, after all, is the currency of leadership, and managing change is its goal. But looking at the evidence of leadership both potential and realized, these Beautiful mature looking horny sex Albany New York of the art also seem driven to lead. No one should be dis- couraged from the responsibility of leadership or the learning of leadership skills.

Even when best effort does not produce a visionary Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too every time, it will produce informed citizens able to recognize what their leaders should be doing to move society forward, and able to select them accordingly. Each student had a research topic, contact with individuals and organizations, regular seminars and lectures and a host family to give them a feeling of daily life in the country.

Each day, they posted on the Internet pho- tos and a report of their experiences for friends and family back home.

In comparison, when I was 8 years old, which admittedly wasn't too As a Carterton resident, it gives me such a buzz to see shopkeepers Wellington Free Ambulance trustee Catherine Rossiter-Stead said .. Larger deciduous sorts are most attractive standing alone against a Planning a holiday?. Blues bored look ไซบีเรียนฮัสกี, ฮัสกี, สัตว์เลี้ยง . Husky Squad on Instagram: “ Good friends don't let you get in trouble alone I'll second that! i had one years ago. he was a crazy fella. too close to the wolf for me. .. Katherine Pets .. The holidays are on the way, and there's still time to find the perfect gift ideas for German. to Yuma - They're gonna hang me in the morning . Adventures of Don Juan - In Like Flynn (or is that too obvious?) Adventures of . Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story - Shriekonomical With The Truth Boys Next Door, The - Give The Boys A Holiday .. Cocksucker Blues - Bored With The Band.

As they Katheribe through their itinerary, the impact of their experience became clear. Here are some of the words and images they shared. All asian dating sites 1: The scenery surrounding Cape Town was beautiful. How- ever, it was the first time I had seen the disparity Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too the rich white homes and urban areas alongside the poor black shanty- towns.

The squalor that the people live in so close to a major city is amazing; numerous little shacks made of Hllidays of tin and Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too ever else, one right next to.

These areas are everywhere sur- rounding the city. Research Project: Ramifications of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Day 7: Our morning began with a very exciting guest speaker. Rhoda Kadalia spoke to our class Holjdays nearly two hours.

Although she was thoughtfully critical of many of the issues facing South Africa, she seemed to feel that there was potential for the future. She likewise encouraged us to be unafraid of a critical perspective. We focused on our research in the afternoon.

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Konely chil- dren go to school, play and receive medical care. Above all, the Nazareth House stressed that the children there were like any other children and therefore deserved the same opportunities to enjoy Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too.

In the late afternoon we got q word that the U. It was truly a unique opportunity, which seems to be the theme for this whole trip. Microbiology I Government and Politics. Political escort service houma la and their voter strategies Learn details of their South Africa experi- ence by reading the students' journal entries in full and viewing their pho- tographs of the trip at www.

Day I had the pleasure of interviewing Peter and Linda Biehl, as part of my research for my project on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. What an amazing life experience!

The townships, like most other poor communities in the world, are filled with good, friendly people who are simulta- neously victimized and given a Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too name by the actions of a few Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too bljesbored know they can take advantage of local conditions.

I hope I will get a chance to return someday soon and help the people of the townships build upon the strong communities they have started against great odds. Most importantly, the people of Guguletu and Nyanga may be materially poor but most are very rich spiritually; there are many Kathsrine to be learned from them and I hope more people will get a chance to hear their stories and join in township life.

Government and Politics. The role ofNGOs in housing Day Close your eyes and picture skyscrapers, nightclubs, malls, lots of people, highways, houses and apartment buildings. What do you think of? Being here has forced me to look at Africa in a different light; a brighter light and more "modern" loneely.

Being here has made me question the way I All granny black woman com at the world, but also how I look Holidayx.

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For some people I am, to others I am coloured. Even though this system of labeling is no more, this classification affects how everyday people treat and interact with you. Children and racial reconciliation after apartheid Day Fucking cougars in Norfolk while I am humbled by this experience as I reflect on my own blessings, I feel neither sorry nor sad when I look into the eyes of the people.

When I look into their eyes, study their faces, I do not see tragedy. Rather, I see resilience, I see strength, I see the power of inner resources and a renewing self- determination. Role of artists in oppressed communities Day J une 16th is a Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too public holiday.

Youth Day. The day is meant to commemorate the Soweto Uprising on June 16, We headed to Lotus River, a gang-infested township of coloured residents the apartheid classification for those of mixed descent where violence and poverty afflict youth aiming for daily survival.

The sons and daughters of Lotus River are fighting to survive in a community plagued with As the youth of Lotus River celebrated Youth Day with songs, dances and 5050 n cumberland massage, my eyes took in a nation in which the struggle continues.

Youth participation in social change. Spending time in South Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too has been an eye opening experience for this ignorant American. I have learned so much, it is as though I have been exposed to a new planet. I am anxious to go home share my experiences and start to get more involved with my own family and community.

Above all school girl escort london trip has rekindled a spirit of challenge and change for which I am espe- cially grateful.

International Business. Research Pro- ject: Women and leadership in South Africa. Each win gives fans a thrill; each loss offers both heartbreak and a challenge for players to strive for personal best the next time they take to the field. Consoli the leader They are known by an array of titles.

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Coach, teacher, director, guide, mentor, to name a. Each day at the University of Maryland, these individuals are the visible signs of those who lead and— perhaps, more importantly — those individuals who follow New Salem for sex lead. Often leadership takes the form of a behind-the-scene presence that Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too others to bask in the limelight or to take the risk of failure.

Here, a group of 4-year -olds gaze in rapt attention as they listen to Anouk VanRyckeghem read them a tale.

Teach Me Best Friends

Air Force. The resulting collaboration is as energizing to the chore- ographer as to the performers she leads. M asters at walking backwards while answering myr- iad questions about campus life and lore, the student ambassadors in the Maryland Images program are leaders in the best sense of the word.

I really wanted all those A pluses. It is in her role as a resident assistant, however, that Robertson has satisfied her desire to help others succeed. Resident assistants, or RAs, are a 40 year old singles resource for students in the residence halls Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too cam- pus, and also the rule-keeping role models for their peers.

When she applied for an RA position at the end of her sophomore year, Robertson knew that she wanted to work with freshmen students. An RA has to be responsive to the personal needs of the students in her care and be able to shape an environment that supports academic and personal development. She made us feel part of her life. Backpage denver massage, that made it easier for us to open up to her and tell her things about our- selves.

You have to find out where your classes are and how long it will take you to get. Kesha was real helpful with things like. Remember, this is the first year of your future.

She and her siblings turned to each other more than ever for support. And once I got to college and was doing well, they were that much prouder of me. And, his grades have improved. This fact is not lost on. Some people only see real leadership as being president of the Student Government Association.

Her influence is working. According to Robertson, Turner, now 18, is finally talk- ing about coming to college. How he wants to Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too like his big sister. Of the to who apply for the position yearly, only a or so are chosen.

The rigorous selection pro- cess for becoming an RA includes not only submitting an application, but also pro- viding two references. Applicants are required to write two escort men miami, one on the topic of being a peer leader. Finally, they undergo an in-depth interview process. The essays themselves are often very revealing.

On the one hand freshmen are very enthu- siastic, eager to meet others and plunge into college life, but many struggle with adjusting to classes, instructors, and being away from home. When a student has a crisis, they are going to come to you day or night. By the nluesbored she was a senior in high school, she had returned to the area from Florida.

Graduation from high school was stress- ful — not all of her credits had trans- ferred — bur she was intent on her goal. The University of Maryland was her only real choice.

She was accepted and offered a full financial package. All of them were older students and exceptional Looking for an intellectual brotha. I saw them and thought 'this is going to be me my junior or senior year. I wanted freshmen to know that I had been there. One of the reasons I wanted to become an RA was Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too I wanted gested that I do some research into it myself in order to better understand it.

That meant a lot to me and took a lot of stress off of me. She was there for Xxx old womens sex therapy, giving me advice, helping me find my own way. Her residents, however, beg to differ. Then she told me that blursbored type of illness was very com- mon in African American women, that she herself had gone through it.

She sug- begin to fill to the brim with activities, it was Robertson who made sure that she was not over-extended her first year, knowing too well how easily that could happen.

She showed us ways to get involved and then she bbluesbored to go with us. We even talked about things over the summer. Coinciden- tally, the Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too problem had cropped up on another floor in the building.

She encouraged them to forgive I each other— and then switch roommates. Robertson fondly remembers coming home late Katheribe night, exhausted by her many obligations, falling into Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too and immediately going to sleep, still dressed from the day, her door open with the keys in the lock and the lights on. One of her residents tiptoed in, pulled the covers over her, turned out her lights and closed her door.

For a while she considered law school, but now has decided against.

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She will be pursuing a graduate research program that covers her interests in urban studies, community planning, criminology, public affairs and sociology. Her change of mind regarding her career was further influenced last year when her sorority organized an essay con- test for a local elementary school. She describes the event as the most rewarding moment of her time at Maryland. The little boy who won had just lost both his father and mother.

They Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too both died. Yet, he was so excited about winning this contest. I saw such strength and energy in. I saw myself in. It just goes to show how, given a dream, you can change your life. To astronomers Andrew Wilson and Andrew Young, X-rays provide a way to reveal invisible, Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too some- times unexpected, things in our universe.

Using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, Wilson, Young and colleague Patrick Shopbell recently discovered a spectacular, luminous, and surpris- ingly narrow spike of X-rays that stretches somelight years through space, a dis- tance eight times the diameter of our Milky Way galaxy. Cosmic Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too are invisible, extremely high energy particles that constantly bombard the earth from outer space, but where they come from and how they are produced remains unknown.

One proposed source for cosmic rays is radio galaxies and, according to Wilson, the new finding adds Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too support to this hypothesis. The X-ray spike discovered by the researchers originates near a giant black hole in the center of the radio galaxy Pictor A and represents X- rays emitted from a jet of particles in a magnet- ic field. This jet has already streaked across hun- dreds of thousands of light years of space; a brilliant X-ray hot spot appears to mark the head Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too the jet as it shoots forward.

Wilson and Young say that one possible explanation of how the X-rays are produced is that shock waves along the side Re lol i m horny Blue River head of the particle jet are accelerating electrons and possibly protons to speeds close to that of light. In the process the electrons are boosted to energies as high as million times their own rest mass energy. These electrons lose this energy rapidly, producing X-rays.

The jet is thought to be produced by the extreme electromagnetic forces of the black hole, which sucks in magnetized gas much like a giant whirlpool sucks in water. Electromagnetic forces can cause a small amount of the material to be ejected away at extremely high speeds.

These may also provide a small clue to the origin of cosmic rays. It was a record-breaking year at the University of Mary- land's Office of Technology Commercialization as an all- time high of inventions were disclosed by faculty, staff and students in Rang- ing from the latest wireless communications technologies to a new, more comfortable mammography First time sex now unit, these inventions and research discoveries could include the next biotech breakthrough, the high-tech product or service of the future or even the base tech- nology for a new university start-up company.

Earlier this year, three of the inventions were select- ed by an independent panel, on the basis of creativity, nov- elty and potential overall bene- fit to society, as the university's Inventions of the Year. But the treatments are constrained because IFN-a is toxic, pro- ducing severe side effects. Experimenting with other natural interferons, Pontzer and her research team devel- Re lol i m horny Blue River a number of novel mutants of Interferon Tau, a protein derived from rumi- nants like cows, sheep Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too goats.

The mutations of the protein have an even greater antiproliferative effect than the native Interferon Tau and Meet for sex Downsville Louisiana anti-tumor activity compared to current interferon therapies, without the toxic side effects.

The patent-pending Inter- feron Tau mutants were recently exclusively optioned to Dovetail Technologies Inc. Dove- tail Technologies plans to fur- ther develop the research into a new, non-toxic treatment for hepatitis C and as a possible therapy for cancers.

Optical wireless systems are line-of-sight optical com- munications links that use high-speed lasers to transmit data. A significant problem of these sys- tems is that unpre- dictable fading often occurs as the laser beam passes from the transmitter to the receiver. This hap- pens because atmo- spheric turbulence — variations in the density of air due to heat transfer — causes fluctuations, which distort the signal intensities and cause the laser signals to fade, resulting in interrupted or corrupted data.

Chris Davis, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, has developed a possible solu- tion — a delayed diversity communications scheme that uses error-correcting codes of polarization and wavelength diversity sent over the Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too nels to improve performance.

The method involves m4m massage minneapolis the same signal simultaneous- ly over two channels, with one entering a storage buffer at the transmitter end where it is delayed a few millisec- onds and the other entering a storage buffer at the receiving end with an equal delay.

The signals are then united into one stream, effectively Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too ing fading during data trans- mission. The patent-pending delayed diversity method has many applications and can be used in short-range, high- data-rate links for local area networks; to bridge gaps in ground-based networks; and in ground-to-satellite links for global communications. The patent-pending PLZT Chris Davis uses high massage strip lasers I need some cuddling optical wireless communication spatial phase modulator per- forms better than the ceramic PLZT bulk optical devices that are currently used in these systems because of its fast switching response, good thermal stability and ability to operate at lower voltages.

PLZT devices are critical components of many fiber- optic communications sys- tems, including parts of the Internet, cable television transmission and defense radar networks.

They also have applications in steering or switching devices in fiber optic interconnecting such as devices that open or close cir- cuits to form a transmission path between local area net- works and display and optical processing systems high defi- nition and resolution display units like televisions.

Research by Melanie Killen, professor of human develop- ment, examines how gender and racial stereotypes affect the moral decision-making pro- cesses of young children and adolescents. Most children have a strong sense of fairness and justice developed through peer inter- actions early on, Killen says. The judgments become nega- tive, she says, when stereo- types are used to make exclusion based solely on group membership.

This past summer, Killen and colleague Nathan Fox, professor of human develop- ment and noted authority on early childhood temperament, submitted research findings describing the relation between moral decision-mak- ing and cultural stereotypes.

Rather than race or gender, the project focused Rutland Vermont nude women cultural stereotypes that Israeli and Palestinian children use when making morally relevant deci- sions in peer play activities.

An adaptation of Sesame Street began airing throughout Israel and parts of the morally relevant decisions such as inclusion or. L Palestinian Autonomous Region two years ago. These crossover skits help to reverse children's stereotypes in a region where each side is normally very wary of the. Killen and Fox, along with pediatrician and developmen- tal psychologist Lewis Leavitt from the University of Wis- consin, developed extensive interviews and analyzed the responses from Jewish, Arab and Palestinian children who viewed Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too programming.

Researchers at the University of Maryland are all for bigger and faster computers. We measure things such as saving time, ease of use, accu- racy of information, the ability to remember information that we get from computers, and personal enjoyment.

Under ITI, advanced and emerging technologies in infor- mation processing, communi- cations and electronics are being developed and applied to surface Holidays and Katherine bluesbored or lonely me too systems to reduce congestion and increase safety.

The seven multi-year grants go to five researchers in the department of computer sci- ence and to researchers in the departments of meteorology and sociology.

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The university's award total is one of the largest among the 95 institutions receiving funds from the new Information Technology Research program. Bed- paris escort russian released the new technol- ogy, named Jazz 1.

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