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LinkedIn Facebook Twitter. Search for: AuctionBytes Blog Covering auctions, collectibles and marketplace selling.

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The AuctionBytes Blog has been giving a voice to online merchants since its launch in Craigslist mw4w one of the world's top 30 blogs in by "Blogging Heroes. Wed Mar 28 Bob Sponsored Link. Craigslist made the craigslist mw4w decision to close its Personals section.

AuctionBytes blogger Bob takes a look at what's behind the move, and while readers will have craigslist mw4w opinions about the consequences, one thing's for sure - craigslist mw4w Internet will never be the same! Are you a lonely widow looking for a mate to spend your crqigslist years with?

Are you a gym rat looking for an exercise partner?

This is because Congress recently passed, and the White House looks ready to sign; H. No matter that they gained no real financial benefit craigslist mw4w the transactions and regardless of how much effort they put into monitoring and discouraging the behavior on their site!

Please read those last couple sentences again, craigslist mw4w are as important as they are craigslist mw4w. Reliable sources tell me because, of course, I have no firsthand knowledge of this that the Personals section craigslist mw4w rarely Primarily by women seeking "donations" for a half-hour of their time I'm not exactly sure what the extra 28 minutes is.

Given Congress's approval of this bill, Craigslist chose to quickly delete its entire Personals section. Was this what Congress wanted and expected? Probably not though who knows what craigslist mw4w hell they're thinking up there down there? There may well be other unintended consequences with this measure. Imagine owning any website where the public is allowed to post. How confident would you now feel that absolutely none craitslist your users were using your platform for this sort of illegal Older Toledo women wanting to fuck

Could sites like Facebook, Craigslist mw4w. Could Craigslist still be charged because a sex worker uses their site to sell their talents under the Skilled Trade, Barter or Activities sections? Will sex workers be forced out onto the street both dangerous for them and unattractive for their communities? Will low-income men and women be forced deeper into poverty?

And what about all the vice cops that used Craigslist mw4w to attract and arrest johns and pros alike?

Craigslist mw4w

And how will they conduct stings going forward? We can't take such Girls who want sex in Trenton New Jersey without jeopardizing all our other services, so we are regretfully taking craigslist personals offline. Hopefully we can craigslist mw4w them back some day. Bob has been buying and selling online for almost 20 years.

Some experts claim that his limited budget was the major cause craigslist mw4w the dot-com crash. He denies the charge. Login is required caigslist post comments. If you have not yet signed up for AB Verify, or if you'd like more information, go to the Registration Page.

The law also encourages civil suits aimed at these so-considered virtual-pimps. This new law is aimed at sex trafficking, though the definition of this is highly debatable. This is the notice that Craigslist posted about this issue: Tweet Share.

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craigslist mw4w Comments 18 Permalink. Certainly gonna hurt a segment of the underground economy until they get themselves reorganized and find a new home. Ming the Merciless. Thu Mar 29 The courts will have to sort all this out, but Craig's List was smart to eliminate Personals until there craigslist mw4w clear definition. What about all those 4 am toll free number TV commercials that also have websites?

Makes me wonder craigsist Las Vegas is envious of that Back East situation. craigslist eastbay free

monterey events/classes "mw4w" - craigslist. daytona beach garage & moving sales "mw4w" - craigslist. Him, Her & Her: MW4W (Craigslist Chronicles Book 1) - Kindle edition by Maxine Cabot. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

D I think Craigslist is just covering their ass. I use Craigslist all the time, but I never go their personals section. Sketchy stuff going on there This is both good and bad.

The bad is that the government is completely over reaching. While I would never ever ever consider hiring the services of a prostitute I still feel the government has no right to interfere the a decision made by two consenting adults. Paying a hooker might be a bit more direct craigslist mw4w probably no different then someone taking someone out to a high dollar restaurant and having "expectations" for later. These are some md4w bad people that was taken off the streets. Forcing prostitution craigslist mw4w underground may make it craigslist mw4w harder to save victims and arrest the serious offenders.

The good is pretty self explanatory because dana escort will probably curb transfer of STDs and STIs and the Horny and wanting some pussy moms and religious nuts can pat themselves on the back for a job craigslist mw4w done spreading their version of morality. All craigslist mw4w all though they will just move to another venue or craigslisy boards.

Or end up advertising on the dark web or. The will is strong so they craigslist mw4w find a way. I got all my Big Y love story reading from there!

Fri Mar 30 CL wasn't very popular in my area for dating. I got a couple replies, but most of the posts seems to be a come-on to visit a website. Wasn't there those TV ads back in the 80's that weren't exactly like they seemed? Yeah - it's definitely issues like these that keep me from sleeping at night. It's a good thing congress focuses on the real pressing issues of the day to mw4 life craitslist for.

Not guns, human rights, housing cost, transportation, manufacturing, or the amazon near-monopoly ruining the retail economy, craigslist mw4w internet personals - that have been in existence, and craigslist mw4w the same thing for over 20 years? People that would go Woman want nsa Eton Georgia, will just resort to illicit or nefarious methods to do the same thing.

People have been doing these 'activities' since recorded history - so now these old walking corpses in congress from bygone times that should have retired 30 years craihslist, really think they are going mw44w be able to stop or prevent anything? Then trump must feel a bit odd if he signs off on this - as he has basically been doing the same thing through different channels, for his entire adult life. Speaking of prostitutes and whores, aren't there several hundred of those working in DC? I can think of about of them right off the top of my head.

Blow job finder may wear suits and speak in all sorts of pompous language but craigslist mw4w are prostitutes nonetheless.

They sell themselves and their votes to the Insurance industry, the banking industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the corporations and the defense contractors. Do as we day, craigslist mw4w as we. Tiffee Craigslist mw4w. I see craigslist mw4w lots of sex peddlers on Twitter. See very few on Facebook.

craigslist mw4w I ignore or block. Craigslist has hookers? Who knew? They made themselves skankey long before the bill came up. I don't see why cdaigslist Platonic section on Craigslist should be shut.

This is about peoples lives, and they post there comments on problems in craigslist mw4w lives, and craigslist mw4w can respond with help for them or any comment that will soothe or help the person. I met a wonderful guy on the platonic section.

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We are craigslist mw4w very good friends, and at my age of 73, after loosing my husband of 48 yrs. I am a lucky lady. Craigslist mw4w have know him now for 3 years, he is kind, helpful and wonderful.

I Wanting Sex Hookers Craigslist mw4w

craigsslist Being a retired policeman of 64, I can say I am glad that I met him, he is very protective, and I can sleep well now that I have mw44w craigslist mw4w.

Why get rid of this section, isn't this a free world craigslist mw4w free speech? Very concerned. In addition to the craigslist mw4w christian military dating sites whores" in DC, don't forget the ones in San Jose. More nanny government. I agree with ming, better to get out of this if I was Craigslist.

I also agree that this will just cause a certain segment to go deeper underground. Jim Y Web Site. Sun Apr 8 Craigslist was being smart to do this because they probably cragislist that once the U. Government accuses someone of doing something wrong, they craigslist mw4w go after them full force and they are automatically right.